Patent Search

The first step in protecting your invention is conducting a patent search (also known as a prior art search). Prior …Read more


Provisional Utility Patent

A provisional patent is the first step in the patenting process for many inventors. Provisional patents last for 12 months …Read more


Nonprovisional Utility Patent

Considered the most complex legal document, this 20 year utility patent is crucial for market success and is the only …Read more

Welcome to Global Intellectual Property Agency, LLC


Global Intellectual Property Agency, LLC, is a law firm specializing in intellectual property (patent, trademark, copyright) and other legal fields related thereto, such as licensing and contract support. Our clients come from every US state and Canadian province, as well as internationally. We focus primarily on individual inventors and small business and, as such, we place great emphasis on providing affordable services while maintaining broad patent rights so that knock-offs are unlikely. All of our patent attorneys have degrees in both law and engineering, with a great range of technical skills, including manufacturing/packaging engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, bio-chemical/bio-medical engineering, systems engineering, civil engineering, and/or aerospace engineering.

This website is designed to introduce you to our firm, to help you better understand the patent process, and to share with you the services we offer in developing your intellectual property so that you can capitalizing on market potential. Protecting your intellectual property is the key to preserving your ideas and your foothold in the marketplace. Without the protection that a patent offers, ideas are quickly replicated and reproduced. Our goal is to help you understand how the patent process works, why it is crucial for your invention’s success, and how we can help protect your invention.

Details on the process, which begins with a patent search, followed by a provisional patent, and finally a nonprovisional utility patent, can be found on this site. Fees associated with these services are also clearly displayed on our site so that you can better understand the financial commitment of the patent process as well as the costs of various other legal services relating to the practice of intellectual property.

We invite you to call our office at (856) 294-6010 for a free consultation with a licensed United States Patent Attorney or submit a disclosure form to get started, or view our services and fees page and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information. Thank you for visiting our site, we hope to hear from you about your ideas!