Provisional Patent Application Disclosure & Quote Request Form

This form will be used to evaluate your invention and determine the scope of work required to draft a Provisional patent application on your behalf. Based on your input, we will return a quote for drafting and filing your application. Your responses will not be shared with any third party, and will be kept confidential within Global Intellectual Property, LLC.

A provisional patent provides an inexpensive means for disclosing your invention with the USPTO, and preserves an earlier priority date for your invention. A later filed non-provisional must be filed within twelve months of the provisional to preserve your rights, as a provisional patent will not result in an issued patent by itself.

Personal Information

Invention Information

Was a prior art search conducted on your invention?  Yes, a formal patent search was completed by GIPA Yes, a formal patent search was completed by another firm/entity No, a formal patent search has not been conducted for my invention

Do you have any of the following? (check all that apply)  Pictures or informal drawings of my invention Models or Prototypes of my invention

Formal drawings are not required for a provisional patent application but can be used if you have them or prefer to file with them. GIPA has the capability of creating formal patent drawings at your request using our patent illustrators if you require them

Do you have formal drawings drafted for you invention?
 No, I have no drawings, sketches, or pictures of my invention Yes, I have informal drawings, pictures, or sketches Yes, I have formal patent figures or CAD drawings of my invention.

This form is a quote request that will provide GIPA the information to develop a competitive quote for drafting and filing your provisional application. The quote is based on the complexity of your invention and the time required to draft it. Once received by GIPA, we will review its contents and promptly respond with a quote. Please provide two business days for the quote to be returned to you.

You are welcome to contact our attorneys or agents at any time during this process. We can be reached through e-mail or by phone. We are quick to respond to e-mail. If you contact us by phone after normal business hours and do not reach a representative, please leave a brief voice message and your call will be returned promptly the following day. We look forward to working with you and earning your business!