Welcome to our products and services page. We offer several different services for our clients, from those who are just starting to develop their ideas to those who are ready to file for a patent and need assistance drafting a proper application. Our experienced staff will work with you to develop your invention from a conceptual idea to an enforceable patent.


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Patent Disclosure Novelty & Prior Art Search

The first step in the process is to determine the novelty of your idea. Are there existing patents that describe a detail of your invention or your entire idea? A search of published patents and patent applications will determine the level of prior art at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This will determine what aspects of your idea can be claimed and what aspects are anticipated by prior inventors. A patent classification search will also be conducted to search for patents and applications in the same field of invention as your disclosure. Results are obtained using in-house software that pulls data from several sources, ensuring a thorough search is conducted. The results are then summarized in a detailed search report which describes the relevant prior art and how it relates to the disclosed invention. Patent Disclosure Novelty & Prior Art Searches are a flat fee.

Provisional Patent Applications

Secure your “PATENT PENDING” status! GIPA, LLC will work with you to quickly draft a provisional patent application, including a specification and drawings, so you can get on file with the USPTO as soon as possible. This secures a priority date with the patent office, which can be referenced in a later non-provisional patent application. Provisional applications provide an inexpensive means for disclosing your invention to the USPTO, and are valid for a 12 month period. Within this 12 month period, a non-provisional patent application must be filed to maintain the priority date. For more details see our FAQ page, specifically on the differences between a provisional and non-provisional patent application.

Non-Provisional Patent Applications

Get your patent drafted by experienced professionals! A non-provisional patent application is a formal technical document that includes drawings, a description of the invention and a list of claims. GIPA, LLC has a team of skilled patent practitioners who will draft your application and work with you in every step of the process. We represent your interests during the prosecution of your patent application as it is reviewed by the USPTO.

We are able to draft Utility, Plant or Design patent applications. Our rates are extremely competitive compared to other firms, and we respect the challenges of being an individual inventor. To receive a quote on the overall costs associated with drafting your application, fill out a Request a Quote through our contact page.